The second Side-by-Side event was held on January 10th at the Hebrew Union College. Featured were City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld and local Tea Party founder, Mike Wilson. We want to thank all of our co-sponsors, our media partner, WVXU, and express appreciation to the Hebrew Union College for hosting the event.

Approximately 250 people were in attendance, and based upon survey results, a vast majority found the program of significant benefit. Their answers confirmed our belief that if you come to understand how a person’s views were formed, and learn about
their personal life, you are far less likely to demonize them in the political arena.

Check out the photos below:

In response to written questions, members of the audience reported the belief they could now hold a constructive  conversation with the presenter who represented a view point  opposite to their own when the evening began, now that they had come to know that person in a more personal way.

Both P.G. and Mike were open to the questions and answered
them honestly and fully. We appreciate their candor. The Sideby-Side Series will continue to offer the opportunity for members of our community to understand their political leaders on a more intimate level, providing a sound basis for later discussion and persuasion as issues of importance are debated and decided.