The third Side-by-Side event was held on March 12th at the University of Cincinnati.  Featured were two former Cincinnati Mayor’s Jerry Springer & Ken Blackwell.  We want to thank all of our co-sponsors, our media partner, WVXU, and express appreciation to the the University of Cincinnati’s Student Government & The Medical Science administration for hosting the event.

Our attendance continues to rise and based upon survey results, a vast majority found the program beneficial.  Their answers confirmed our belief that if you come to understand how a person’s views were formed, and learn about their personal life, you are more likely to hear and consider what they say, even if you disagree.

Check out the photos below:

March 12th Side-by-Side: Ken Blackwell & Jerry Springer

[img src=]1030
Two former Cincinnati mayors swap stories with WVXU poliical reporter Howard Wilkinson
[img src=]900
Two old friends.
[img src=]770
Sharing memories during the reception.
[img src=]750
Blackwell and Springer with Councilmember Yvette Simpson
[img src=]700
Blackwell takes questions before the program begins.
[img src=]650
Sharing across generations.
[img src=]690
Blackwell makes a point
[img src=]640
Council Candidate David Mann, Beyond Civility Co-Founder Bea Larsen, and former Councilmember Jim Tarbell mingle before the program.
[img src=]600
Mann, Larsen, Tarbell, Springer, and Betsy Mann joke about civility and politics.
[img src=]610
Beyond Civility Co-Founder Bob Rack, Attorney Kenneth Parker, and an audience member have a chat.
[img src=]510
Student government president Lane Hart welcomes the audience.
[img src=]490
Bob Rack introduces the Beyond Civility project to the audience.
[img src=]450
Is everyone ready?
[img src=]390
David Mann reminisces on his time serving on Council with both Springer & Blackwell
[img src=]400
Springer awaits the first question of the evening.
[img src=]380
Blackwell delves into his childhood and how it formed his opinions while Larsen & Springer look on.
[img src=]440
A captivated audience complete with smiles.
[img src=]380
Springer recalls family members lost in the Holocaust
[img src=]360
Blackwell passes along his mother's advice.
[img src=]370
No one sleeping in this audience!
[img src=]360
Blackwell stresses the importance of fidelity
[img src=]380
Blackwell & Laresen look as Springer dives into a story.
[img src=]360
An audience member challenges Springer for "promoting incivility" on his show.
[img src=]360
Springer questons whether anyone really wants to imitate his guests' behavior.
[img src=]350
Springer homes in on a central belief
[img src=]330
Blackwell considers what his counterpart says.
[img src=]370
Springer considers an question from the audience.
[img src=]390
The audience enjoys the stories of the participants.


In response to written questions, members of the audience reported the belief they could now hold a constructive conversation with the presenter who represented a view point opposite to their own when the evening began, now that they had come to know that person in a more personal way.

Both Jerry & Ken were forthcoming about the influences in their lives and their political views.  We appreciate their candor.  Check out the article Howard Wilkinson wrote for WVXU here.

We also received some coverage from our local tv networks.  You can watch a snippet from the evening here:

Our next Side-by-Side Series will take place May 20th and will feature current Councilmember Yvette Simpson and former Councilmember and current Council candidate Amy Murray.  Click here for more information.