On Monday, November 12th, Beyond Civility held its first side-by-side series
presentation at the College of Mount Saint Joseph featuring State Senator Bill Seitz
and Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls. Over 150 people attended and the responses were
overwhelmingly favorable.

Moderated by Bea Larsen, co-founder of Beyond Civility, the two public officials
were coaxed into giving insights into their personal lives, their childhoods, the
events that impacted their lives and participated in forming their political views.

Check out the photo gallery below:


The goal of the series is to offer an antidote to the contentious and sometimes toxic
national political rhetoric that is serving to polarize our society by inviting local
political leaders to share their reflections on the people and experiences that helped
to form the political beliefs and positions they hold today.

Beyond Civility believes we are less likely to demonize people we know personally,
and is pleased to offer this opportunity to get behind the party platforms and
political personas of election campaigns and get to know our public officials on a
more personal level.