In this time of polarized politics and increasing tribalism, it is important to understand the powerful role fear plays in our brains, our bodies, and our politics. On Tuesday, April 24th we held a program exploring the biology and politics of fear.

You can listen to the full program here: The Biology and Politics of Fear.

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This program examined:

  • The Psychological, neurological, and biological impact
  • Fear’s role in inducing tribalism, for better or worse
  • Fear as a tool to manipulate people to buy a product or cast a vote
  • Mitigation techniques for the negative effects of fear

It featured:

Paula K. Shear, PhD
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati

Richard J. Harknett, PhD
Head, Department of Political Science
University of Cincinnati

Kevin S. Aldridge
Opinion Editor
Cincinnati Enquirer

With a special presentation on Emotional Intelligence by:

Christine Lottman
MSW LISW-S, Associate Professor Educator Emerita at the College of Applied Sciences/School of Social Work and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati.