Civil communication needn’t be weak or ineffective, but it does require mindful and deliberate choices of expression.  In this blog, Beyond Civility offers one minute tips and examples of communications that demonstrate these qualities.

We welcome your suggestions, whether from the news or your life experience, along with an explanation of why you consider it both civil and effective.  If it can be said in a minute, we’ll try to include it.

2 thoughts on “welcome to a friday minute of civility”

  1. Thank you for this. I learned from something called Re-Evaluation Counseling about this some years ago. Part of that training is actually using a timer and exchanging time with someone…where one person “just listens” while the other talks and then you trade time. There is more to it, but that is a good start! The belief is that we have all been hurt around this and never received enough time to share all our hurts/pain and this is why we are unable to really listen and are always biting at the bit to say our 2 cents worth!

  2. Thank you for a taste of ‘the story behind the story’. I had wanted to attend the event but wasn’t able to so was especially glad to read this p.s. M.

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