Beyond Civility convenes two classes of communication workshops each year where invited bi-partisan groups of fifteen to twenty business, media and government leaders, with direct or indirect involvement in local politics, spend three half days together developing and practicing strategies for conducting difficult conversations successfully. Communication experts facilitate the sessions and present the latest in brain research and communication theories, but participants are incorporated as experts themselves and participate in teaching as well as learning.  Perhaps the core value of the meetings comes from sharing specific communication challenges and brainstorming solutions by the participants themselves and, of course, from the relationships formed in the process.

Classes are led by Sherri Goren Slovin, a Cincinnati lawyer, mediator and conflict resolution trainer. She is a past President of the Board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), has published numerous articles on conflict resolution and negotiation, and has provided workshops and trainings on conflict resolution, Collaborative Practice and Negotiation throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Israel, England, Australia and New Zealand. She can be reached at


“I think if we want to improve the tone of public discourse in Ohio it has to start with elected officials understanding, and having some respect for, the views of others in elected office. Beyond Civility has been helpful in emphasizing that in order to have a productive conversation with someone who disagrees on an issue, we first have to understand their point of view and the reason for that point of view. We need to take the time to understand one another.” -Denise Driehaus, Hamilton County Commissioner

List of past participants